Asda, Sainsburys or Tesco Letterbox Flowers Delivery?

For Beautiful & Affordable Letterbox Flowers, Checkout Bunches or Serenata Flowers – Discover Great Alternatives to Asda, Sainsburys or Tesco Letterbox Flowers Delivery.

Gorgeous Letterbox Flowers by Post

Superb Alternatives to Sainsburys, Tesco, and Asda Letterbox Flowers by Post

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The Beauty of Postbox Flowers

Looking to send flowers through the letter box and surprise a loved one with some beautiful blooms? Letterbox flowers are so convenient, a full bouquet of fresh stems posted in flat boxes that fit through the letterbox – and you don’t have to worry about them arriving when no-one’s home!

Letterbox flowers by post are fun, you get to arrange the blooms yourself, so you can style and display your fresh stems in any way that you like. It doesn’t take long, but encourages you to take a few therapeutic minutes out of your day to concentrate on arranging and caring for your blooms when they drop through the letterbox.

Here's A Few Tips On How To Care For Your Postbox Flowers

1. Start with a clean vase
Make sure you rinse it thoroughly with hot water and a little bleach. This will kill any bacteria on the inside of the vase and will help increase the vase life of your flowers.

2. Remove any rose guard petals carefully
When you unwrap a flower delivery, you may find that some of the outer petals aren’t quite as colourful or attractive as the rest. This is because they’re ‘guard petals’ – petals left on the bud to protect your flowers as they travel. (When you purchase flowers from a local florist, it’s most likely that they have already had their guard petals removed, as they won’t need to travel)

3. Trim Stems
Make sure to trim at least 1/1.5 inches off the stems before placing them in water. Making this cut at an angle will allow the stems to absorb water more easily.

4. Remove Leaves
Be sure to carefully remove any leaves that fall below the water line, as they will quickly start to rot. This will keep the water in the vase cleaner and prolong the vase life of your blooms.

5. Add Flower Food
Add the flower food to the fresh water in the vase, and let this reach room temperature

6. Change Water
Be sure to keep water fresh, changing every few days or as soon as it looks cloudy. Whenever you change your water, trim about 1/1.5 inches off the stems. This will unblock the end of the stems which may have collected bacteria and will help them drink water more efficiently.

7. Place flowers in cool, shaded place
Keep flowers in a cool location, away from direct sources of sunlight or heat. Avoid placing them near fruit, which releases ethylene gas as it ripens and is very harmful to the flowers.

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